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ATVMB provides leadership and support to the ATV community in Manitoba

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To provide Manitoba ORV riders access to a trail system that is safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious, resulting in an enhanced riding experience.

Polaris Ride Command
Last Updated: Wednesday November 6, 2019 - 11:02 am CST

In addition to making all our trails data available for download to install into your own GPS unit or to print maps, ATVMB has formed a strategic partnership with Polaris and our ATV trails are now available for use through their free Ride Command® system via web browser on your computer or by installing the Ride Command® app on your Android or iOS device.


Now even without a GPS unit, you can turn on your phone and follow all the trails while navigating with live tracking and also record your rides and make new waypoints.


Learn all about it on the Polaris Ride Command site: 


Select the "Map" item in the top menu bar to see the trails.

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