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Join the ATV Association of Manitoba!
Last Updated: Friday October 13, 2017 - 4:04 pm CDT

Thank you for your interest in joining the ATV Association of Manitoba!


All memberships to ATVMB are based on clubs or affiliates. If you are an existing member of an existing ATVMB affiliated club, please contact the club's administrators for membership fees. All members are encouraged to download and review the Code of Conduct and Trail Etiquette guidelines.


There are numerous advantages to being a member of an ATVMB affiliated club! Aside from great camaraderie and enjoying the sport of ATVing with like-minded people, you can also get a discount on insuring your ATV through Oasis Insurance! Click the logo below!



If you are a member of a non-ATVMB affiliated club, please consider speaking to your club's administrators with regards to joining ATVMB.


If you are not a member of an ATV club and there is no ATVMB affiliated club in your area, then please consider forming an ATVMB affiliated club by contacting us. We have a Club Startup Kit you can download to help you get started. This kit includes a club applicaiton form


ATVMB Club Annual Membership Fee Structure:


  • 1st Year Clubs: $150 flat rate plus insurance premium
  • 2nd year and above clubs: $250 flat rate plus insurance premium


All ATVMB Clubs must possess Directors and Officers insurance and fees for this coverage are based on insurer rates (2012 club insurance premium = $250).


All ATVMB affiliated clubs are listed here on our website. Affiliate members that are not clubs are listed below.


Thank you for supporting ATVMB!

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